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Yona International is a company engaging in the import and export of all kinds of goods

from and to Japan, Korea, America, European Union, and Southeast Asian countries, including food, toys, furniture, shell fabric, stainless steel products, electronic equipment, garment, articles for everyday use, home appliances etc. It has set up the marketing center or office in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asian countries, thus to build a quick marketing system across the world. At the initial stage of its establishment, it set the goal of quick selling and quick circulating of goods. To realize this goal, the company established Dongfei International Forwarding Co., Ltd to build a comprehensive logistics and customs clearance system, and take charge of the company’s import and export business. The company owns an integrated system of land transport, marine transport, and air transport, as well as all kinds of container trucks, which enables goods to go on sale in different cities throughout the country quickly.

Lazy Man’s Dairy, a Story of Time

Maybe at the initial stage of pioneering, we didn’t think about to link our dream with the brand, because at that time, we just wanted to manufacture a practical, environmental-friendly, fashionable, and healthy sofa which people would conformably sit on. With the realization of our initial dream, we were aware that we must let everyone know such a great sofa, so we decided to operate our own sofa brand.

Our Value

  • Dedicated to the responsible behaviors conforming to code of ethics

    Make every efforts to meet all legal and moral requirements, and whenever possible, try to go beyond these requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct business in accordance with the highest occupational and ethical standards and practices, and the company can never tolerate any non-conforming behaviors.

  • Realize outstanding performance and operational achievements

    In the aspects of both mature processes and developing technologies, we can be a strong cooperative partner of our customers. Our goal is to occupy the leading position of technology and quality in all types of business we are involved in.
    We shall measure the success of our innovation based on our customers’ success, and continuously adjust our business portfolio, thus to create sustainable value.
    By leading the tread, we can completely release our employees’ energy and creativity. We are rich in original creation, and also appreciate the significance of such quality: original creativity, unusual but wonderful idea etc.

  • Be brave to innovate, and create sustainable value

    Striving for excellence is the goal we make every effort to realize in every field. We have established such an ambitious goal based on the company vision, and provided high-quality solutions beyond customers’ requirements under its guidance, all through the way. Striving for excellence means to attract the most outstanding talents in the market. We will help those talents to master all kinds of skills required for success, and provide perfect opportunities for them to realize their potentials. We are committed to creating a high-performance enterprise culture.

  • Forge ahead with determination and guide the way of innovation

    • Quickly promote a brand with quality assurance to its pre-determined level
    • Optimize industry/technology productivity
    • Quick marketing and circulating of goods
    • Build a rapid marketing system across the world