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Jonathan international is a company that has been engaged in all kinds of import and export business of all kinds of commodities. It mainly exports to Japan, Korea, the United States, the European Union and Southeast Asian countries. It involves food, toys, furniture, fabric, stainless steel products, electronic equipment, clothing, fabric, household appliances, etc. in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. The marketing center and office have been set up respectively, and the rapid marketing system in the world has been built. In the early period of the establishment of the company, the target of rapid marketing and rapid circulation of goods was located. In order to achieve this goal, the company also became the East Flying international logistics freight Co., Ltd. and built a perfect logistics customs declaration system. The major is responsible for the import and export business of the company. Now, Jonathan international can deliver goods to any country and region in a very short time. The company has a complete land transport, maritime transport, air transport system, and has various kinds of collection cards, can speed the goods in the domestic big cities on the shelf sales.
The company has fifty thousand square meters of storage area and manufacturing line in Taicang port area. It can produce the national registered trademark of the "lazy person diary" of the company's own furniture brand fast and quality. The product has been tested by the international authority of the third party inspection agency SGS quality, and has also been obtained from Japan, Korea, the United States, Hongkong and Southeast Asia countries. Customers are well received.
The strong international trade ability is the basis of Jonah's international survival, and the retail capacity of China is also the non negligible business section of Jonah. The experienced online marketing team also sells the retail and wholesale business on the Jingdong mall, Tmall mall, Taobao mall, and Alibaba wholesale business line, which can be promoted quickly. A quality guaranteed brand reaches the preset level.
The company has the right to import and export more than three thousand items, from food, furniture, metal products, cosmetics, clothing, fabrics, daily necessities and electrical products. In order to achieve the rapid wiring of the product, the company has been developing the retailers and agents on the second line to achieve the purpose of rapid product retail.
In order to expand the trade scope of the company and the customers of all countries in the world, the company has reached the replacement business of bulk goods with the Southeast Asian countries and the developing countries of Africa. The replacement products are the products of ore, food, medicinal materials, chemical raw materials, furniture, national specialty products and other products. The replacement goods are sold in China or other countries quickly. Sale. Jonathan welcomes all kinds of enterprises to bring products to the company for brand sales negotiations.