Taicang Export Production Base

Taicang city and School Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, Taicang City, the company was formally established in September 2013, the number of existing staff of 300 people, covering an area of 45 thousand square meters.
In October 2008, in the front of the school of furniture, a workshop type small enterprise, in the outskirts of Shanghai, silently produced furniture for some large export enterprises. In order to occupy a place in the furniture market, it could have its own products and brands. In September 2013, it was formally registered as Taicang City and furniture limited company and moved to address. To the port of Taicang. And register "lazy diary" as a product trademark, mainly for simple, fashionable, suitable for minimalist living crowd sofa.
After the relocation and furniture, focusing on the R & D and sales of Japanese sofa, slacker sofa, and the quality, after more than three years of development and furniture, the products have played an important role in the major markets in Japan and South Korea. The sales of each kind of sofa reached 400 thousand and maintained every year. 25% of the growth rate, 2016 reached 850 thousand, all products are sold to Japan, South Korea, and received high praise from overseas customers, walking on the street in Japan, the major supermarkets have shown all kinds of styles of the sofa in the important position, and the order is also the same as snowflakes.
In order to meet the customer's quality requirements, the company has been using high quality import parts in the key parts of the product. It also works hard in weight bearing, welding, sewing and environmental protection. The difference of the weight of the same type products of different years and different numbers is less than 10 grams.
The company is committed to the simple, fashionable, practical, low consumption concept design and production of products, actively participate in Japan, Korea Furniture Expo, and colleagues exchange research and development experience, learning new production technology. Strive to develop 100% practical furniture that meets the needs of consumers around the world.
With the strict production process, exquisite production process, stable product quality, excellent pre sales and after-sales service quality, the company has won the long term praise from foreign customers.
In 2017, the company decided to push the product to the domestic market, set up and send the furniture marketing center in Suzhou, improved the product and developed a new product series to suit the consumers all over the world. The products included the Korean version series, the Japanese style series, the solid wood dining table and chair system, in order to adapt to the young people's living habits. The company also recruits young R & D personnel, developing a series of lazy couch series suitable for contemporary young people, trying to make new products suitable for Chinese "lazy people", and let the products go to thousands of families in China. In 2017, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong business city, Alibaba open business retail and wholesale stores, and develop agents to join, the vast sales channels, so that the diversification of sales. Sincerely welcome all the agents to join us in developing a new business.


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